Visual Studio 2015 support + new version of protobuf


Two notable changes in the code.
The first is that I have finally compiled or-tools with visual studio 2015.
Compiling from sources should work straight away, hopefully.

The second is that I have upgraded protobuf from 3.0.0 beta2 to beta3.
This was needed to support visual studio 2015.

There are two small bad news:
  - It is still in beta, so I cannot release nuget packages as they require stable sub-packages (protobuf C# in that case)
  - The new protoc compiler rewrites the names of enums in protobufs for C#.
    Therefore PATH_CHEAPEST_ARC -> PathCheapestArc.
    I have updated the tsp and vrp examples to reflect the new naming.



  1. Hi,
    I've been trying to setup or-tools, on VS2015 Community Edition using or-tools source files, without success. The installation instructions given on seem to be rather assuming and difficult to follow.
    Could you please guide me thru the process from installing basic requirements to running an or-tools python example (or point me to an easy to follow guide)

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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