Linking glpk with or-tools on unix

Following the change on SCIP, here is the new procedure to compile and link GLPK with or-tools

This currently applies to unix only:

First download the latest glpk archive (4.61 at the time of this post).

Untar, cd into the glpk directory

on linux:
  ./configure --prefix=<install_path> --with-pic
  make install

on mac OS X:
  ./configure --prefix=<install_path>
  make CFLAGS='--mmacosx-version-min=10.8'
  make install
then add:
  UNIX_GLPK_DIR=<install_path> in or-tools/Makefile.local

recompile or-tools:
  make clean
  make cc

test it:
  run bin/integer_programming and bin/linear_programming. Both must display glpk runs.

I have no easy solution for glpk on windows currently, still investigating.


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