September release of or-tools

I just released or-tools version 6.4.

The biggest change is that I reverted the ortools-<linux distro> specific pypi modules as we now have manylinux distro agnostic wheel files.

Here is the full change log:

Change in platforms

  • Pypi modules on Linux platforms are now delivered as wheel files using the manylinux1 tag. Thanks to Federico Ficarelli. With this change, we have backtracked the per-linux modules introduced in the July 2017 release.

New features

  • Improved scaling method used inside GLOP.
  • Fix wrapping of evaluators in the C# routing library. Thanks to DevNamedZed.
  • Improve the performance of the flatzinc presolve for large models.
  • Use the SAT backed for flatzinc by default.
  • Improve performance of the Core based approach for the sat solver.
  • Fix bug in the linear assignment algorithm that was failing incorrectly.
  • Added F# examples in ortools/examples/fsharp. (Thanks to Matthew Moore).
  • Remove check for positive penalties in the routing library.


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