New release v2016-06

We're happy to announce the release of a new version of or-tools : v2016-06. This main improvements and changes in this version are :
    • c++: getting rid of filelinereader in examples
    • data: Add single machine scheduling problems
    • Remove unused core method (Resolution nodes)
    • Added drat writer to checks proofs on unsatisfiability
    • Add preprocessor
    • Add new neighborhoods
Constraint Solver:
    • Removed most of the instances of the callbacks (src/base/callback.h) from the CP library
    • Added NotMemberCt (variable cannot belong to a set of intervals)
Routing library:
    • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: capacity for vehicles in dimension is now an array instead of a callback
    • Change internal representation of sparse matrix
    • performance improvements
    • Added A* contributed code
    • Rewrite Dijkstra and Bellman-Ford algorithms to replace callbacks into std::function (C++)
    • Change API of different graph implementation when iterating over arcs and nodes.

We will be happy to have your feedback.
Thank you


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