Documentation: new examples and reference manual

Hi all. 

We've added more content to our documentation hub: short tutorials on how to solve integer programming problems, job shop problems, and vehicle routing problems with time windows. We've also added over 800 pages of comprehensive documentation detailing our C++ API. (That documentation is automatically generated, so the formatting will be odd in places.)

We'll be adding plenty more content in the months to come. If you have specific requests, let us know!


  1. Hi, is possible with or-tools to solve linear problem and get for example 100 best solutions sorted by minimization/maximization fitness function ?

  2. Hi, please is there documentation for Python library used with or-tools?

  3. Hi, I am following or-tools user manual and eager to try out some techniques like local search in Python. this is very hard as I cannot find any Python API documentation or any Python examples on this.. can you refer me to additional Python ortools material?

  4. Would love some Python or java API and Python or java to C++ documentation. There are certain low-level methods and parameters that exist in C++ that are very difficult to access from Python. For example, how do I turn off presolve for GLOP from Python and set an initial bfs? How do i leverage sparsity of my constraints to speed up solution time by entering constraints as a sparse matrix? How do I do decomposition in Python???


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