Python 3 support

Good news, or-tools now supports python3.

How to get it (from sources only for the time being):
  ubuntu: install python3 python3-dev, python3-setuptools. Change UNIX_PYTHON_VERSION to 3.4 (in 14.04), recompile.
  Mac OS X: Install python (3.5.1?), change UNIX_PYTHON_VERSION to 3.5, tweak manually PYTHON_INC in makefiles/Makefile.unix to reflect the path (/Library/Framework/...) to the python3 install. recompile.
  Windows: Install python 3.5.1 (32 or 64 bit), set the correct path in Makefile.local. recompile.

Hopefully, everything should work. At least, make test_python works for me.

  I removed dependencies on google-apputils, and python gflags. OR-Tools now uses argparse.
  Protobuf has been bumped to 3.0.0 beta 1
  Few python examples are ported. They will likely break on print and iterators.
  I will build pypi py3-ortools modules, soon I hope.
  Plenty of internal code was upgraded, especially in the swig layer.

I am sure there are plenty of bugs left, please send me everything that misbehaves.


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