September 2015 news


Some news.

Github supports releases and files attached to it.
I have thus created the first github release, that also includes source and binary archives.

I will deprecate the Google Drive and repositories, as soon as I kill their reference properly in the or-tools website (

I have also created a new type of binary archives, dedicated to the minizinc language (
It contains the flatzinc interpreter, as well as the necessary translation rules (mznlib).



  1. I've just tried installing Google or-tools version 2.0.3322 into a project in Visual Studio using C#. The configuration I'm using to build the project is debug x86. The installation goes okay with no errors. When I try to run the program I get an exception, System.BadImageFormatException. Which I am assuming is something to do with the assembly not being x86? Does the nuget installer look at the configuration of the project it is being installed into? Or does it assume x64?


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