Changes in the last month - on windows this time

Hello all,

I have bumped the gflags version to 2.1.1 on windows too.
The immediate consequence is that you need cmake to build third_party dependencies on windows.

So, please go to and install the windows version.
cmake.exe needs to be in the PATH such that make third_party can find it.


PS: This is done on the github repository. Please consider the one on to be obsolete.


  1. I've been experimenting with or-tools for a university project - you've done some great work with it! Specifically, I'm looking at the pick up and delivery problem and was wondering if there is a way to enforce order (precedence constraint) on pick up and delivery nodes (ie. pick up nodes always coming before delivery nodes in the solution). I'm wondering if there's a way of using simple constraints rather than using a time dimension. In the docs for AddPickupAndDelivery ( it explicitly mentions that it doesn't specify order - is there a way to do this?


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