quick poll on platforms

Hello all,

Here is the current situation on binary archives I regularly upload:

Linux 32 bit: C++, Java, mono archive, pypi module
Linux 64 bit: C++, Java, mono archive, pypi module
Mac OS X 64 bit (10.9 and above): C++, Java, mono archive, pypi module
Windows visual studio 2012 32 bit: C++, java archive, pypi module
Windows visual studio 2012 64 bit: C++, java archive, pypi module
Windows visual studio 2013 64 bit: C++, java archive, pypi module, nuget package

Unless somebody screams (with good arguments), I will kill linux 32 bit, and visual studio 2012.

I will also transition visual studio 2012 32 bit to visual studio 2013 32 bit, although I would really like to kill that one too.
I am also wondering if I should continue delivering .NET archive on non windows platforms. You tell me.




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  2. The main download site doesn't have any OS X binaries. The mirror site has older Mac versions, but not the latest.

    Also, the documentation page it out-of-date (last generated in 2012)

    For example, it includes MPSolver.wall_time() method, but this does not exist in the current binaries. They use instead MPSolver.wallTime(). I'd like to use MPSolver.SolverVersion() but this too does not exist.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your work.
    I would also really like an up to day OS X binary :D

    Thanks !

  4. Bitte fahren Sie fort, mehr zu schreiben, weil es ungewöhnlich, dass jemand etwas Interessantes dazu zu sagen.
    Warten auf mehr! Ich habe einige relevante Informationen, die Sie unten überprüfen können
    Binäre Optionen handeln


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