Heads up for incoming changes


we are working on a few changes, some will break compatibility in C++.

Callbacks are going away. We will use std::function now. The result is fantastic as we can now pass inline code where callbacks where needed (custom limits, variable and value evaluators,  search logs...). I have decided to break compatibility and not keep the old API. Please note that this affects only the C++ layer as this was already hidden in the other languages. I expect this change to land around the end of January.

We will switch to  github for our source repository sometime in Q1. I don't know exactly when.

I am contemplating swiching to cmake for our build system, unfortunately this is a totally different way of thinking, and I need time to adjust.

Thank you all and happy new year.


  1. Re: callbacks, does this mean the callbacks can be lambda functions too? Great news if so! I wanted to use an object method as a callback but couldn't find how to do it, so I've done a hack for now, but a capturing-lambda would be even better!


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