Changes in the python distributions: take 2


I have updated the pypi modules for ortools.

The new modules are based on svn 3060. (edit: 3069 is the fixed version :-).

There are 3 changes since the last release (3030):

  • I have merged the routing and cp modules (pywrapcp and pywraprouting) and kept only the pywrapcp module.
  • I have added support for protobuf input/output (this is used in the CP library in 3 sets of methods: model import/export, creating limits, and saving/restoring assignments).
  • The modules are now delivered as binary egg with platform support. I had to trick setuptools with a dummy module to force and platform into the egg name, and kept the binary shared libraries in the egg file. Please note that pip cannot install binary eggs, you need to use ez_install.
Furthermore, I will simplify the python binary archives to only contains examples and data.
They will drag ortools automatically.

Please tell me if something is not working.


  1. Thanks Laurent.

    I am just starting out with Constraint Programming & OR-Tools to use for the Coursera Discrete Opimisation course.

    It would be really useful for us newbies to have the details of the pypi modules on the Getting Started Page ( as an alternative to going through the manual installation.


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