Change in .NET dlls

Dear .NET users,

short version:
I have merged all generated dlls into one Google.OrTools.dll.
This one contains all previous dlls.

Sorry for the impact on your projects. This is only done on the svn. I will regenerate binaries (the windows ones at least) in around 10 days.

Long version:
I tried to write an example that uses our linear sum assignment inside a C# goal. It failed miserably because of duplicate classes, symbols when loading two Google.OrTools.XXX.dll.

To solve this, I need to merge all dlls into one. The good news is that the binary distributions will be much smaller, and it will simplify the life of the users. The bad news, mostly for me, is that the duplicate symbol/classes problems bit me hard. I had to reorganize the swig, to patch the code generated by swig just to make it compile and link. But the result is there and nice.

Please note that I will likely do the same for java, and maybe python.


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