Changes in the python distributions: new package and Pypi support

Hello all,

I have changed the python distributions of or-tools.
The main difference is that I have added a ortools packages enclosing the constraint_solver, linear_solver, graph, and algorithms modules.

Thus, you need to write
  from ortools.constraint_solver import pywrapcp
instead of
  from constraint_solver import pywrapcp

If you use the svn version, I have kept compatibility.
I you use the installed modules, or the binary python archives, you need to switch.

Furthermore, I have uploaded or-tools to Pypi (
This module (ortools) only contains the python modules/packages and the native libraries.
I have stripped out the examples and data packages.

Now, you should be able to install ortools using pip directly.

Thanks and happy new year.


  1. sudo pip install ortools in ubuntu 13.04 downloads which of course it can't use.


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