Mac OS X 10.9 and OR-Tools.

I have upgraded my laptop to 10.9.
I have no comment on the new system, except when it breaks or-tools.

First, gcc is out, clang is the only option now (I was compiling with clang anyway).
Furthermore, libc++ is now the default, and it fully supports c++11. This is good news, I can remove my dummy implementation of unique_ptr and use the one from the STL.

Now, the bad news:
  - the compiler is stricter. Thus cbc does not compile (in Cgl actually). I have added the fix that patches the sources after the svn checkout.
  - It is not binary compatible, thus you need to recompile everything.
  - mono 2.10.9 does not compile. I have upgraded the requirement to mono 3.2.3. Unfortunately, the documentation generation is broken. I have disabled it in the configure arguments.
  - You need to reinstall Java from the oracle download site.

So, if you upgrade to Mac OS X 10.9, please update or-tools to the latest version and reinstall from scratch, including the third party dependencies.

And another good news, it seems that to compile or-tools, you do not need the full xcode, but just the latest xcode command line tools. This is nice as it is 78MB instead of 2.1GB.



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