Changes to or-tools, binary archives and visual studio 2010.


A few news:

Visual studio 2010 will soon be deprecated. Everybody can install the visual studio 2012 express which is free. I really like c++11 loops too much.

As the download part of has been deprecated. I have changed the way binary archives and documentation are stored. I have created a view only shared drive account where I will copy the binaries I have built.

The links are accessible from the page. Here they are: documentation and binary archives.

I have copied there up to date unix archives for python, java, and .NET. Windows archive will follow soon.

Furthermore, I am introducing new experimental archives for C++ content. I have regrouped all libraries into a single one, copied all include files into a single include directory, and added a new Makefile to compile the C++ examples. Please give it a try. Currently, I have build the linux64 archive, but I will create and debug the mac, and windows archives later.

Finally, everybody can use the commands to create the archives. The makefile target are cc_archive, python_archive, java_archive, and dotnet_archive.

Many thanks


  1. Bonjour Laurent,

    Say I want to compile the example (, which uses the routing libraries, using the new library. How can I use the makefile.unix (or to compile it? I always get the error about a missing file in /base/ folder.



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