Visual Studio 2012 and SCIP support on Windows


First, I have finished support for visual studio 2012. The installation procedure is the same. It should be transparent. Note that you cannot mix visual studio 2010 and visual studio 2012 builds.

Second, I have written a visual studio solution to compile SCIP and soplex under windows.
You need to copy sciptopsuite-3.0.1.tgz in <or-tools>\dependencies\archives and run make third_party to compile it.

If you have already run make third_party, the Makefile.local file will not be updated. I recommend to save it, delete it, run make third_party, and update the python and java info in the end in the newly created Makefile.local.

Please note that I have upgraded the required glpk version to 4.49. So. if you want glpk support and run make third_party, please copy the glpk 4.49 archive in <or-tools>\dependencies\archives.



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