Unix build broken, please run 'make upgrade_libs'


I have broken the unix build.
You need to run (on unix, not on windows):
  make clean
  make upgrade_libs

after the next svn update.

The rationale is simple. I want to deliver binary archives on all platforms for python/java/.NET as I do for Windows. To overcome the shared library path mess, I need to make native library called by swig stand alone (no nested dependencies except the system ones). This require recompiling third_party on all unix platforms to get embeddable static libraries. This is what the make upgrade_libs command will do.

Now, if you are behind in version number (CBC 2.7.7, scip3.0.0...), now is a good time to do:
  make clean_third_party
  make third_party

After making sure you have copied the new SCIP archive in dependencies/archives if you use it.

For windows users, you have nothing to do.

Thanks and sorry for the mess!



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