Support SCIP 3.0.0


Following the announcement of SCIP 3.0.0, I have updated the make third_party procedure on linux and mac to use this new version. This required minor porting in the process (change the in message handlers).

I also changed the expected mono library (useful on mac) to the last stable version (2.10.9).

In order to incorporate scip 3.0.0, please do the following:
svn update
rm Makefile.local
rm -rf dependencies/install/ziboptsuite-2.1.1
cp <path_to>/scipoptsuite-3.0.0.tgz dependencies/archives
make third_party


make clean
make all

Please note that I currently do not support scip on windows. I do not know how to build it from the command line with just visual studio.



  1. Hello,

    I'm wondering how to integrate SCIP with MS Visual Studio. I downloaded SCIP, extract the file, but have no idea how to start using it.

    Thank you,


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