Python archive available for Windows


I have updated my scripts to create packaged binary archives.
They currently work only on windows because installing shared libraries is a nightmare on mac and linux. On windows, everything is compiled statically, and I only need to deliver one dll for 1 language on one platform. Which is nice and useful because, on the other hand, vin isual studio 2010 is not free on windows (I know about the express version).

Back to this blog post.

I have created python (new), java, and .NET archives from the latest svn on windows 32 and 64 bit. You will find them the usual place.



  1. For Linux, there's , which is essentially a way to automatically copy all the needed .so/.a files to local folder. Incidentally, the creator works at Google

  2. Thanks :-) I will have a look.

    The real nightmare is with Mac as the path of the library is encoded at creation time.
    I have seen the otool and such utilities. Still, this seems very complicated. I still do not understand what is a Bundle, a Framework. What should I use? How?

  3. Hello,
    It seems python package build 2117 (
    Seems to not have libraries or any setup file...
    in short it does not work.


  4. That is a harsh comment :-) I do not know how to build a setup file with native libraries.
    The libraries are in src/gen/*.

    The uncompressed archive mimics or-tools after compilation.
    It contains 3 directories: src/, examples/python and data/.

    Following the instructions in the getting started, on windows, to run an example in examples/python:


    For the python examples, as we have not installed the constraint_solver module, we need to use the following command:

    on windows: set PYTHONPATH=%PYTHONPATH%;\src, then c:\Python27\python.exe example\python\


    I hope this helps.

    PS: I would love some help in writing the setuptools script.


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