May 2017 release of OR-Tools

We have just released a new version of OR-Tools on

Release notes:

New directory structure in C++

We have changed the source/include structure of or-tools when using C++. The goal is to provide better encapsulation of the C++ include files. It also has the benefit of aligning the C++ and the python directory structures.
  • src/ has been renamed ortools/.
  • All #include command in C++ files now have the prefix ortools added. #include "constraint/constraint_solver.h" is now #include "ortools/constraint/constraint_solver.h".

New features

Bazel support

You can now build or-tools with bazel, Google's build tool. It works on Linux and Mac OS X. After downloading bazel version 0.4.5 or later, change directory to or-tools and build the examples: bazel build examples/cpp/....


We have implemented the support for breaks (e.g., vehicle downtime due to drivers eating lunch)in the routing library. This feature is shown in the example.

SCIP support

The linear solver wrapper now support SCIP 4.0. You now need to build SCIP first, and then tell or-tools that you will use it. Instructions are available here.

GLPK support

We have also changed the way with build with GLPK. See here.


  • We have removed all usage of hash_map, hash_set in the C++ codebase as they are deprecated. They were replaced by unordered_map and unordered_set from the STL.
  • Cleanup of the C# makefiles, courtesy of Michael Powell.


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