Release of September 2016

We’re happy to announce the release of September 2016 version of or-tools. Here's what's new with this release :
Sat :
  • Extended scheduling API and modified examples (weighted_tardiness_sat, and jobshop_sat) to use it.
Graph :
  • Added iterator traits to Graph classes.
Or-tools distribution : 
  • Nuget package is supported again (Your remarks about this particular update would be appreciable).

We will be happy to receive your feedback.


  1. Hello!

    I wonder what is the correct way of using or-tools-5.1 for solving *.mzn problems.

    I found a thread on the forum where it says:

    > then in /lib/minizinc, create a link to /lib/flatzinc/minizinc name or-tools (or copy the minizinc directory in or-tools and rename it to or-tools).
    > once this is done, you can run a minizinc example by running:
    > minizinc -G or-tools -f /bin/fz example.mzn

    However, the or-tools-5.1 folder does not have a lib/flatzinc/minizinc subdirectory.

    I assume that for this version the command is the following:

    minizinc -G or-tools/src/flatzinc/mznlib_cp -f or-tools/bin/fz

    Is it the correct way?



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